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Our Workshops & Programmes

We work closely with business leaders to design and deliver bespoke employee wellbeing programmes that focus on skills and strategies for stress prevention and management, and leadership behaviours to improve employee wellbeing and performance. 

Most traditional training-programmes are one-off events aimed at helping people develop new knowledge and skills, whereas we view training as a continuous process. According to research, participants in one-off training programmes forget up to 80% of what they have learnt if their learning is not supported post-training. This is where traditional training falls short, as there is no follow-up support in place to reinforce what has been taught. Our training programmes are created to provide this support through follow-up coaching, and through engaging line managers in the process, to provide another layer of support. Our programmes focus on skills development, but also help people develop new ways of thinking through challenging unhelpful attitudes and beliefs. All of this is used to drive long-lasting behavioural change.

Our workshops are designed for maximum knowledge retention and long-lasting learning:


  • They combine insights from cutting edge research into the brain science and psychology of learning and change, adult learning theories and down to earth content drawn from practical experience.

  • They are based on the premise that learning isn’t just a one-time event, it’s a continuous process that leads to sustained behavioural change.

  • To increase knowledge retention and optimum long-lasting learning, we help the participants develop their skills and knowledge whilst also engaging with their emotions and motivations to help them think and do things differently.

  • We use different strategies such as microlearning, our sessions are typically delivered in bite-size chunks which are spaced over time (spaced learning), and followed up with a coaching session afterwards or between workshops because training combined with coaching increases productivity by 88%.  

The way we do things works. Our programmes are proven to help individuals, teams and those in leadership positions develop healthy and productive behaviours for improved wellbeing and performance, while managing uncertainty and successfully navigating change. They produced measurable results and positive change for the individuals and the organisations. Please check some of our testimonials to see what people who have attended our programmes and workshops have said.
Apart from our bespoke programmes, we deliver semi-bespoke courses and individual and team coaching.
Our semi bespoke courses include:
  • Preventing Stress and Management Pressure for Optimum Wellbeing and Performance - which has been recognised by the International Stress Management Association. To learn more about this course click here
  • Coaching Programme for Team Leaders and Managers. To learn more about this course click here
To find out more about our individual and team coaching click here

Our Testimonials

What They’re Saying

GREAT TRAINING! Anna (A Fresh View Consulting) delivered some (well needed) training around stress management and resilience for one of our teams. Anna had a great approach, was very open and put everyone at ease. The training was informative, relevant and insightful. It allowed the participants a safe space to air their feelings and have time to reflect. I would highly recommend for anyone who wants a better understanding of their own stress triggers and how to manage these. 

Georgia H

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