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Coaching Programme for Team Leaders and Managers 

Most organisations agree that to survive, thrive, retain talent and keep their competitive advantage in the ever-changing market, they need to help their people continuously learn, develop and utilise their full potential. 


Adult learning principles suggest that adults are self-directed and autonomous learners. 
As Winston Churchill once said, ‘I am always ready to learn although I don’t always like to be taught’

Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance; it is helping them to learn rather than teaching themJohn Whitmore

According to 70:20:10 - one of the most established models for learning and development - individuals tend to learn 70% of their knowledge from challenging experiences, 20% from developmental relationships such as coaching or mentoring and 10% from formal training. 

Team leaders and managers play an important role in embedding learning from training, having developmental coaching conversations and helping people learn from everyday experiences.

The aims of this programme are to help the participants to:

  • Understand the adult learning principles and scientific foundations that underpin coaching

  • Develop coaching skills and behaviours for helping individuals and teams learn and unlock their potential

  • Discover tools and strategies for effective coaching conversations (formal 1-2-1's and casual corridor coaching) that encourage people to think deeply and differently, identify performance blocks and offer strategies to regain and build confidence and motivation 

  • Learn how to use coaching to enhance learning from training, drive behavioural change and create an environment for optimum learning, wellbeing and performance

This programme will work with you to ensure the success of your organisation by creating the right environment for your people to grow and flourish.

To discuss, please get in touch.


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