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Overcoming limiting beliefs

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Considering that I DON’T even LIKE running and I’M NOT GOOD at it, I am very pleased to have run 20k in the last 5 days.

Often, we talk ourselves out of doing things even if we know that they are good for us because of the limiting beliefs that we hold about ourselves that prevent us from trying new things, improving ourselves and achieving our goals.

In most cases, limiting beliefs are unconscious thoughts and opinions that we hold about ourselves, others and the world, that we consider to be the absolute truth all the time and in every context.

Limiting beliefs have usually been instilled in ourselves by ourselves or significant others (people who have great importance to our life and wellbeing) at some point in our lives.

Limiting beliefs are often unconscious, therefore we are not aware of them and don’t question them, and even if we are aware of them, why would we question them if we believe that they are true?

However, if we critically reflect on all the “I CAN NOT" and "I AM NOT GOOD", or "I DON’T LIKE" we may find that they are false or only partly true statements.

Let’s take I DON’T LIKE running 🏃‍♀️ is that true? Well, when it comes to running in the gym or on a busy road, yes, in this context it is true, but running in the beautiful, calm surroundings of a lake and forest I actually really enjoy. Am I good at it? Well it depends to whom I compare myself. But if I compare myself to my best and worse self when it comes to running, I am doing ok.

What are your CANNOTs, DON’T LIKES and I AM NOT GOOD ats?

Are they true?

Are they true all the time and in every context?

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