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Why can living in a time of change make us feel stressed, tired and decrease productivity?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Here are a few facts about the human brain that may help to explain this: • The primary function of the brain is to keep us alive • In order for us to survive, the brain helps us avoid threats, seek rewards and make predictions based on previous experience • Making predictions helps the brain conserve energy • Although the brain only makes up approx. 2% of body weight, it uses 20% of our energy • The brain uses energy produced from the food that we eat and the oxygen that we breathe • In times of uncertainty, the brain can’t make predictions, and therefore it uses more energy which makes us feel more tired • Change comes with a heavy load of uncertainty • Uncertainty can also trigger the fight or flight response which makes our hearts beat faster and harder, causes our muscles tense, causes us to breathe more quickly and decrease the rate of digestion and the release of digestive enzymes • If our fight or flight response is stimulated continuously and is not managed, then it can make us constantly feel tired and low in energy, it can impact our eating habits and lead to stress, anxiety, ill-health and decreased productivity. #stress #change #productivity

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