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Employee Wellbeing Workshops & Programmes

Helping people be and perform at their optimum

Wellbeing has many definitions and dimensions. Our definition aligns with the one of the World Health Organisation (WHO), which says that ‘wellbeing is a state in which an individual realises their strengths and abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively & can contribute to their communities’.  

Wellbeing in the workplace is a fundamental factor in engagement, productivity and individual and overall business performance.  
We take a holistic view of wellbeing that covers its several dimensions such as mental, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, psychological and social.   
We offer a mixture of training workshops and coaching sessions that can be built into a programme to grow a thriving workplace culture.  

We offer:

Preventing Stress and Managing Pressure for Optimum Wellbeing and Performance Course


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About this course: 

Stress and pressure are often used interchangeably, and although closely related, they are different, and understanding the difference is crucial to optimising employees’ wellbeing and performance. This course applies insights from neurobiology and psychology, enabling participants to understand the vital difference between these two constructs and the correlation between stress, pressure, wellbeing and performance.

Stress is a very personal experience caused by several internal and external, conscious and unconscious triggers, in and outside of work. This course helps the participants to better understand and manage their stress triggers.


There is no one size fits all when it comes to preventing/minimising stress in the workplace, so we help the participants to recognise what they and their organisation already do well in those areas and explore what else they could do to prevent/minimise stress and promote wellbeing and sustainable performance.

We help the individuals increase their knowledge and develop skills, strategies and behaviours for managing pressure and bouncing back from stress or a lack of pressure enabling them to achieve the point of balance and create a stress-hardy mindset.

It was designed to suit a broad audience, from all job roles across different industries. We specifically recommended it for team leaders, managers and wellbeing champions. It has proven to make positive change and deliver measurable results in various highly challenging environments and industries, including medical, social work, and real estate.

This course can be delivered in this current format or be adapted to your specific needs and requirements and built into a wider wellbeing programme.

In addition to this 6-hour course, we offer a number of short 90mins to 3h workshops that cover different aspects of wellbeing.

Nurturing Team Wellbeing for Better Collaboration, Engagement and Overall Business Performance

This workshop builds on the learning from the first workshop and focuses on the social aspect of wellbeing. Social wellbeing is concerned with people’s behaviours and wellbeing in groups and is strongly linked to social inclusion and a sense of belonging.

The aims of this workshop are to:

• help the participants understand and identify team dynamics (the often-unconscious psychological forces) that affect how team members feel, behave, interact and work together in groups.

• encourage the team to appreciate and celebrate diversity and increase inclusion and collaboration within and between teams. 
• provide time for the participants to reflect on how their behaviours impact other team member’s stress levels & wellbeing, the team’s and overall business performance and collectively identify what they do well and areas and strategies for development.

The aim of this workshop is two-fold.

• It guides participants through strategies for effective time management, helping them prioritise, manage their focus, and attention for better wellbeing and productivity.
• It helps the participants understand the sources of their personal energy so that they can manage it more effectively and improve their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Managing Time and Energy for Improved Wellbeing and Productivity

These workshops can be delivered in their current format or tailored to your specific requirements and built into a wider programme for a thriving workplace.

Our workshops & programmes have been delivered in a variety of highly demanding work environments such as medical, social work and the real estate industries and have made a positive impact and delivered measurable results for all. 

Delivery options: In-house (assuming a suitable room is available where COVID-19 restrictions can be respected), online or a mixture of the two.  
Open courses which are suitable for individual clients and smaller organisations will be soon available in two locations in SE and SW London as well as online. 

Our Testimonials

What They’re Saying

A very positive learning experience
I attended a 2 part stress management workshop early this year and found it extremely useful. The group was an excellent size, meaning that each person could be heard and share. Each session was extremely informative and well structured.
Anna provided us with lots of resources and up to date information on how to manage stress and improve our resilience. Anna was extremely knowledgeable, approachable and interacted really well with each participant. She is direct and engages well with people. She really knows her stuff!
I came away with a fresher mindset and lots of resources to better manage my time, understand how stress affects me and those around me and how to manage it.
I highly recommend A Freshview Consulting.

Samantha H.

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