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Employee Wellbeing Workshops and Programmes

Helping people be and perform at their optimum

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing has several dimensions such as mental, physical, psychological, social, environmental and can mean different things to different people.

For us, wellbeing at individual level is about living a healthy, happy, purposeful and balanced life.

Wellbeing at an organisational level is about providing a duty of care, empowering and enabling people to look after their health and wellbeing (both mental and physical) and creating a psychologically safe environment in which people can be and perform at their optimum. We therefore take a holistic view of wellbeing that incorporates several  aspects of wellbeing. The reasons for our idea of organisational wellbeing and for the holistic approach that we take and recommend to our clients are as follows:

  • Every employer has a duty of care to take all the necessary precautions to ensure the physical and mental safety and wellbeing of their employees. The Health and Safety Work Act 1992 requires employers to "assess mental health work-related issues to measure the levels of risk to staff."

  • We all have mental health, just as we have physical health, and they are inextricably linked. Poor physical health can lead to increased risk of developing mental health problems. Similarly, poor mental health can negatively impact physical health, leading to increased risk of developing many different physical conditions. Statistically mental health and physical health issues contribute to absenteeism and presenteeism in equal measure, which in turn negatively impacts engagement and performance

  • The physical and psychological environment we are in plays an important part in our wellbeing. People need to feel safe enough (physically and psychologically) to learn, grow, and flourish. Teams and organisations that promote psychological safety (an environment in which people can be themselves, be open about their ideas and concerns, admit to and learn from their mistakes, where they can feel connected, valued and respected and where diversity is celebrated) found that it not only increases employee wellbeing, but also engagement, productivity and innovation.

Our semi-bespoke employee wellbeing and stress management programme

This neuroscience-based and psychologically informed, semi-bespoke training course focuses on helping the participants understand what stress is and how it differs from a healthy pressure and the correlation between pressure, wellbeing and performance. Participants learn how to recognise early signs of stress within themselves and others,  better deal with periods of change and intense pressure by developing effective coping strategies, wellness and resilience skills and activities, and a healthy and productive mindset whilst maintaining high performance. 

​If our semi-bespoke programme is not suited to yours and your organisation needs, we then undertake learning needs analysis to help you define your organisation wellbeing vision and specific objectives and design and deliver programmes that meet those specific needs and objectives and a programme that is aligned with your company values and purpose.

To discuss, please get in touch.

Our Testimonials

What They’re Saying

GREAT TRAINING! Anna (A Fresh View Consulting) delivered some (well needed) training around stress management and resilience for one of our teams. Anna had a great approach, was very open and put everyone at ease. The training was informative, relevant and insightful. It allowed the participants a safe space to air their feelings and have time to reflect. I would highly recommend for anyone who wants a better understanding of their own stress triggers and how to manage these. 

Georgia Harvey

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