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Meet the FOunder

Hello! I’m Anna Lubac, founder of A FRESH VIEW CONSULTING.

We deliver coaching and training solutions to promote resilience, wellbeing and leadership; essential attributes of a healthy business culture in today’s environment.


We help organisations address the underlying causes of stress and related retention issues, improve team collaboration and performance and support potential and existing leaders in the workplace.

A Bit About Anna

With a background in real estate, she excelled as a sales negotiator, manager, and learning and development consultant, developing a keen interest in the attitudes, behaviours and dynamics that drive optimal performance and the links between optimal performance and wellbeing. 

She pursued a master's degree in Coaching and Behavioural Change. Her interdisciplinary degree draws from psychology, neuroscience, sociology, and behavioural economics, providing a deep understanding of human behaviour (individual and groups) and a range of strategies for influencing and modification. And understanding that there is no one size fits all when it comes to changing attitudes and behaviours because every person, team and organisation is unique, and therefore, personalised approach is needed

measurable results

In the past five years, she has worked across fast-paced and highly demanding industries like healthcare, social care, IT consulting, real estate, luxury fashion and energy. Partnering with individuals and organisations of varying sizes, she has identified fundamental attitudes and behaviours necessary for any individual and organisation's sustainable success, such as self-management, supportive and inclusive leadership, a culture of continuous learning, teamwork and optimum pressure - finding a balance between challenging people to perform and preventing stress and burnout. 

Her solutions are evidence - based, personalised, cost - effective and their impact can be measured. To learn about her solutions, click here.

Empowering Change with a Solution-Focused Mindset and Multicultural Perspective

Anna is known for her flexibility, adaptability, and direct approach. She brings a fresh perspective to your challenges and a solution-focused mindset. With core values of integrity, compassion, intellectual curiosity, and commitment to excellent service, she builds meaningful and trusting relationships. 

She is Polish, has resided in London for over 20 years with her French husband, daughters, and dog. She embraces the multicultural and multilingual family and diverse environment.


She enjoys spending time in nature: walking, hiking, camping, and gardening. Additionally, she actively advocates for sustainable living. 

Professional Accreditation and Memberships: International Stress Management (ISMA) and she is accredited at a Senior Practitioner level with the European Coaching and Mentoring Council.

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