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Managing Self and Others in Times of Change

Change is the only constant, and it is inevitable. To thrive, survive, and maintain a competitive advantage, individuals and organisations must consistently learn, adapt, collaborate, and embrace change. However, according to neuroscience research, constant change can be difficult and stressful for the human brain.


We are here to assist you and your colleagues in building the capability to navigate change effectively.

We understand the significance of self-management and effective leadership during times of change. To effectively lead others, leaders must first learn to manage themselves.

Our semi-bespoke programme, Managing Self and Others in Times of Change, empowers leaders and managers to develop essential self-management skills, including self-awareness, adaptability, focus, motivation, goal setting, and pressure and stress management. By honing these skills, leaders can effectively guide themselves and their teams through periods of change.


Facilitating and Accelerating Individual and Group Learning to Stay Ahead of Change

At the core of our approach is the belief that learning in organisations must keep pace with or exceed external changes. Continuous learning and adaptation are essential for individuals and organisations to survive and thrive in today's dynamic landscape.

Formal training events are essential, but more is needed, especially in times of remote working. A significant part of continuous learning is informal and social. It comes from developmental conversations with managers, interacting with colleagues, collaboration, observation, imitation, and modelling of others' behaviour, receiving regular and constructive feedback from managers and other team members, coaching and mentoring on the job, etc.

Our semi-bespoke program, Facilitating and Accelerating Individual and Group Learning to Stay Ahead of Change, is designed specifically for leaders and managers. It equips them with the skills and knowledge to facilitate adult learning on a daily basis and ensures a smooth transfer of knowledge and skills from training sessions to the workplace.

Bespoke solutions to meet customers' and employees' changing expectations

Customers' and employees' expectations have also changed, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. People are increasingly drawn to ethical and responsible brands. Employees seek jobs that provide meaning and purpose, enabling them to make a positive difference. In fact, according to McKinsey (2021), 70% of people say they define their purpose through work. Moreover, millennials are even more likely to perceive their work as their life calling.

Our bespoke solutions assist organisations in cultivating a purpose-driven culture that values diversity, fosters collaboration, promotes equity and inclusion and prioritises the well-being of both people and the planet. By aligning organisational values with employees' aspirations, we help you create an environment where individuals can thrive and make meaningful contributions.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can support you in navigating change, maintaining a competitive advantage, and attracting and retaining top talent, contact us today.

Together, we can embrace the opportunities that change brings.


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