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Why We Do What We Do

at A Fresh View Consulting

The only constant is change”


Most organisations have experienced a lot of change over the last few years, be it new technology, changes in legislation, remote working, shifting customer and employee expectations, globalisation, or restructuring.

Organisational change is inevitable. To survive, thrive and maintain their competitive advantage people in organisations need to continuously learn, change, collaborate and innovate.

Insights from neuroscience tell us that we need a certain amount of change for our brains to operate and their optimum but excessive amounts of change our brains find difficult and stressful.

Although the world of work is constantly changing but our brains remain largely unchanged and don't like too much change presenting people and organisations with a challenge.

Also, with the constant organisational changes and other work-related and personal stressors and demands, more people find themselves stressed. According to a recent survey but Champion Health (2023) 76% employees experience  moderate to high amount of stress and the figure is 10% up on 2022. Stress is unavoidable but being in the state of constant stress, over a prolonged period of time is not good for our brain, it can hinder our health, wellbeing and can be a major obstacle to excellent performance. Although stress is unavoidable, prolonged periods of stress hinders wellbeing and performance presenting people and organisations with another challenge.

Our purpose is to help organisations optimise their people’s performance and wellbeing in times of constant change and through educating, empowering and supporting their people. We do it because we've seen first hand and insights from the fields of behavioural science tell us that people perform best, are most resilient and successful when they feel supported, developed, included and empowered by those around them, especially their team leaders and managers. 

To discuss how we can empower your team leaders, managers and their teams, please contact us here.

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