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What We Do

at A Fresh View Consulting

We support and challenge people, teams and organisations to think and do things differently to be and perform at their optimum and to maintain and gain a competitive advantage in times of change.  


Our services for organisations include:  


1. Free consultation to discuss client’s specific needs and requirements  

2. Packages of coaching for mindset and behavioural change for individual employees, leaders and their teams

3. Two-day semi bespoke Neuroscience -based Leadership and Management Development Programme: Thrive Under Pressure, modules include:

  • Managing Self and Others in Times of Transition and Change (Half Day) 

  • International Stress Management Association (ISMA) Accredited Course - Managing Pressure and Preventing Stress for Optimum Performance and Wellbeing at work and beyond (1 day)

  • Managing Time and Energy (HALF DAY)

4. Bespoke Leadership Development and Wellbeing Programmes including thorough learning needs analysis, programme design, programme delivery and evaluation  

5. Tools for measuring training and coaching effectiveness short and long term  

Our Typical Client  


Our typical client organisation either seek our services to support and empower their people in times of personal, organisational, and wider change or want to create an organisational culture of wellbeing, continuous learning and high performance that is resilient to change. 


To discuss how we can help your organisation, please get in touch.

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