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Professional Coaching for Individual Clients

A Fresh View Consulting

Professional individual coaching is a meeting of two people, a professional relationship based on trust, confidentiality and non-judgement and a personalised approach to learning, personal and professional development, wellbeing and change


I work with people in different contexts. Some of my clients come to coaching sessions with very specific development, performance, wellbeing or career objectives whereas others seek wellbeing support during times of intense pressure or personal or professional transition and change.


My coaching practice is informed by neuroscience, the psychology of behavioural change and 15 years of experience in a highly demanding corporate sales environment working as a sales consultant, manager, senior learning and development consultant and since 2018 as an external coach and consultant across different sectors. 


In my coaching practice, I take a holistic and systemic approach that looks at different areas of the client’s life, internal and external and conscious and unconscious factors that can impact their mental health, wellbeing, work performance or career moves & choices and apply insights from neuroscience and several psychological approaches including Positive Psychology,* Cognitive Behavioural* and Psychodynamic Coaching* and Motivational Interviewing* to help them achieve their desired outcomes. 

*Positive Psychology Coaching (PPC)  focuses on identifying and developing the client’s natural strengths and resources to improve self-awareness, confidence, resilience and wellbeing.

*Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) focuses on helping the client better understand their thought process, identify and change unhelpful thinking patterns that can hinder their wellbeing, work performance or limit their career progression.

*Psychodynamic Coaching focuses on helping the client understand the unconscious drivers behind their thoughts, emotions, attitudes and behaviours, making these unconscious processes conscious so that they can gain a deeper level of self-awareness and improve self-management  

*Motivational interviewing focuses on helping the client find inner motivation and overcome ambivalence for change. 


I offer individual coaching sessions and packages, face to face (in London) and digital (over the phone and online). 

To book a FREE 30 minute consultation please visit here.

To enquire about prices, availability or anything else, please call me on +44(0)7903 318 199,

e-mail or use the form below. I would be delighted to hear from you. 

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