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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is professional coaching?
    Coaching in general terms is client led and future and goal-oriented approach to learning, development and wellbeing. It’s a professional relationship based on trust, confidentiality and non-judgement. We speclise in coaching for behavioural change.
  • What is behavioural change?
    Behavioural change broadly speaking is concerned with helping people better understand the psychological, social, cultural and environmental drivers behind individual and group behaviour and helping them to bring about the change they seek. There are many theories and approaches to behavioural change derived from disciplines such as psychology, neuroscience, sociology, anthropology, communication etc.
  • What is coaching for behavioural change?
    Coaching for behavioural change is about learning and change. It is about applying behaviour science to help people learn about themselves and others, supporting people during times of transition and change and helping people to bring about a positive change in their personal or professional life to improve their overall wellbeing.
  • How can coaching for behavioural change help me?
    Are you a leader or a manger who would like to better understand and build upon your strengths to lead with authenticity and impact? Are you currently going through a period of significant change either in your personal (divorce, getting married, having a child, moving house, redundancy, etc). or professional life (such as transitioning from managing self to managing others or being promoted at work that requires you to develop different ways of thinking and doing things, returning to work after a period of absence) or both? Do you find a lot of change stressful/would do with some support during times of transition and change? Are you contemplating making a positive change in your personal or professional life, such as better manage your health and wellbeing, develop positive habits, better manage stress, progress or change your career, improve your relationships with others? Are you not sure where to start, whether you have the resources and how to find the confidence and motivation for change? Do you hold limiting beliefs about yourself or others that stop you from achieving your goals? Do you want to understand what are the drivers behind these beliefs and how to change them? Do you feel your life is out of balance, but you are not sure what is causing it? And you would like to develop that understanding and go back to the state of balance? Are you somebody who is a life-long learner who wants to continuously learn about themselves and others? Coaching for behavioural change can help you gain clarity about what you want to change and build confidence and motivation for change and a plan for how you are going to bring about change and support you throughout the process. Coaching for behavioural change can help you deepen your self -awareness /help you gain clarity about your strengths, areas for development, values, beliefs, passions, aspirations, reactions, patterns of thoughts and behaviours and how they impact on others) so that you can lead with authenticity, confidence and impact and make inform career choices that are in line with your strengths and vales. It can also help you to better deal with periods of transition and change by providing a confidential and non-judgmental space for you to talk about your thoughts and emotions and help you deal with the stress of a lot of change. This type of coaching can help you develop new ways of thinking and doing things, improve your wellbeing and live a healthier, happier and more balance life.
  • Is coaching for behavioural change similar to therapy?
    Coaching for behavioural change is similar to therapy in a sense that both are non-judgemental and client-centred approaches to mental health and wellbeing. Both approaches help the clients improve their self-awareness and live a healthier and happier life. However, there are several differences between coaching and therapy, for example: Therapy focuses predominantly on the past and present. It helps clients work through their childhood experiences, understand why they think and behave in a certain way and help them heal from the past. Whereas coaching does acknowledge the past to help clients understand how their past contributes to their present, however, it focuses mainly on the future. Coaching is about helping people to move from where they are to where they want to be. Also, unlike therapists, coaches don't specialise in treating complex clinical problems. However, coaching can help clients better manage their emotions, challenge unhelpful thinking patterns and limiting beliefs, improve relationship skills, and reduce stress and anxiety - all of which bolsters mental health and wellbeing. Some clients choose to receive coaching for behavioural change in conjunction with therapy to help them develop a more balanced time perspective which is essential to optimum mental health and wellbeing.
  • How does group coaching work?
    Group coaching includes team coaching and coaching learning groups, which are groups that come together specifically for the purpose of learning. A coaching learning group is a small group of people meeting together in active participation on several occasions, including developing new behaviours, capabilities and skills. Participants learn through exchange and interaction with each other. Team coaching is typically about helping them better understand their collective skills strengths and areas for development, and team dynamics at play (unconscious psychological forces that affect how team members interact and work together) and develop new dynamics that help them work more effectively and deliver results.
  • What is the cost of coaching?
    Coaching for Individual Clients: We offer an initial free, 30 minutes, no obligation consultation. During this session we will meet, explore and discuss your needs and requirements in detail, answer any questions you may have and find out if I am the best person for you. - 1hr Single Coaching Session online £130 We are happy to travel to clients locations - extra costs will apply. - Package of 3 x 1hr sessions or 4 x 45min sessions £360 Paid in 1 or 2 instalments Income-based session pricing is available subject to availability. NHS workers will receive a 20% discount. For more information, contact us. Corporate/Organisational Sessions: For corporate packages, contact us.
  • Who is your typical client?
    Some coaches describe themselves as 'executive' or 'leadership' coaches. We help people achieve positive change in many different ways. Our clients range from group sessions for organisations to individual, one-on-one sessions.
  • Where are you based? And will you travel to us?
    We are based in London, UK. And we do travel! For more information please contact us.
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