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If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions, your way of thinking, your attitudes and your beliefs (mindset) may be contributing to stress and burnout.

We often associate stress with external factors such as extreme workload, lack of empathy, control or support at work/home, organisational change, relationships etc. However, based on my personal and professional coaching experience and research, whilst external factors can be a major cause of stress, the way we think, our beliefs, and our attitudes can also be a major cause of stress, burnout and become detrimental to our career and overall wellbeing.

People with the following traits are much more prone to stress and burnout than others: control freak, high achiever, protectionist, negative thinker, inner critique, social isolator, people pleaser (S.Scott, 2017).

YOU can take charge and reduce your own stress and even help others reduce their stress levels, limiting the chance of burnout occurring by paying attention to these traits, attitudes and beliefs, becoming aware of them and challenging them by asking yourself these questions.

Is this belief true?

Is it true all the time?

Is it helpful?

What would be a more helpful way of thinking?

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