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October is Emotional Wellness Month

As October is Emotional Wellness Month, it's a good time to reflect upon how your emotional health is and what you do to take care of it?

So, how is your emotional health?

These questions below may help you to answer the first part of the question above:

  • Looking at the characters on the blub tree, how would you describe your energy levels over the last few weeks?

  • Have you been feeling mostly like No 20; energised, motivated, and confident or more like No 5; stressed, tired and low in energy, or perhaps somewhere in between?

  • Did you know that almost 70% of your total energy is emotional?

  • Have you considered what emotions are? Let’s start by exploring the word origin. The Latin derivative for the word emotions ‘emotere’ means energy in motion. Understanding that emotions are energy implies that they are fluid and in constant motion, they are moving resources, meant to be felt and expressed vs suppressed, bottled up or ignored (Dr Kim & Dr Dill, 2012). The latter is the culprit of stress, which can lead to decreased confidence, motivation, emotional intelligence (EI), productivity, burnout and ill mental and physical health. Understanding and expressing your emotions in a positive way can be a great way of re-energising, reducing stress, increasing IE, confidence, motivation and productivity, minimising the risks of burnout and other mental and physical conditions, and improving your emotional and overall wellbeing.

What do you do to take care of your emotional health?

There are many techniques that can help you acknowledge and express emotions:

  • mindfulness meditation

  • journaling (writing down your thoughts and emotions to understand them more clearly)

  • talking to a trusted friend who is a good listener and with whom you can openly talk about anything and everything

  • talking to psychologically trained coaches, counsellors or therapists (this can help you better understand the psychological and external triggers behind your emotions and process them)

  • combining any of the above strategies with physical activity such as walking, especially in nature, can help the energy flow, and can be an especially powerful strategy for improving your energy levels, emotional wellness, and overall wellbeing.

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